Grant Project Title: 
Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Oral Health Alliance Project to Support Statewide advocacy and Build Community Power to Create Oral Health Equity
Grantee Address: 
Asian Resources, Inc. (ARI)
5100 El Paraiso Avenue
Sacramento, CA
United States
This investment supports Asian Resources to strengthen the capacity of the Oral Health Alliance of community-based organizations to center the voice of the AANHPI communities in oral health policy and program change in Medi-Cal. This is in alignment with the DentaQuest Partnership priorities to engage grassroots partners in systems-change advocacy, pursue person-centered models of care, and expand access to public adult dental benefits. The opportunity that exists in California is to build upon previous work and increase the capacity of Medi-Cal dental to provide equitable language access as a result of community-based advocacy. Specific outcomes include policy and/or program changes to Medi-Cal dental to ensure a more equitable approach toward delivering care, specifically related to language access as well as the development of a model for integrating language access strategies into Medicaid that can be replicated. $100,000 supports time, travel and supplies associated with the deliverables as well as mini-grant support for the members of the Oral Health Alliance.
Grant Date: 
Monday, March 16, 2020 to Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Grant Amount: