Grant Project Title: 
Advancing SC Community Health Center Readiness for Value Based Payment Models
Grantee Address: 
South Carolina Primary Health Care Association
3 Technology Circle
Columbia, SC
United States
This investment supports the South Carolina Primary Care Association (SCPCA) to prepare safety net dental practices across the state to implement new health information technology systems that collect integrated data that demonstrates the value of oral health to whole person care. Historically, SCPCA has had minimal investment from DentaQuest, serving as a Member PCA and participating in the National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network (NOHIIN). With this proposal SCPCA pointed to the lack of state infrastructure supporting value-based and integrated care such as dentistry continuing to be funded through fee-for-service, while at the same time not reimbursing for some services that are deemed “medically necessary”, such as Pediatricians placing fluoride varnish. These circumstances point to the need to have data that demonstrates the value of oral health to reducing costs and improving outcomes. With this proposal, the outcome is to complete an initial report that demonstrates an analysis of health centers participation in collecting and reporting on quality and person-centered data metrics such as tobacco and hypertension screenings in the dentist office, caries at recall, and diabetes education. $77,945 supports staff time and travel as well as a contract with a national trainer to strengthen capacity of select health centers to pilot EDR/EHR measures.
Grant Date: 
Saturday, February 1, 2020 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Grant Amount: