Grant Project Title: 
Rural Dental Clinic Equipment
Grantee Address: 
LCHD Foundation
2600 Lockwood
Tahoka, TX
United States
Grant Goal: 
Community Response Fund
This investment is to support Lynn County Hospital District Foundation to update old and broken dental equipment to better serve residents of Lynn County. Lynn County is a rural county in western Texas, currently without any dental care. There was one part-time dentist who closed practice last year, leaving residents to find dental care in other towns, with the closest one being 35 miles away, and residents often having to rely on limited rural public transportation options. The percentage of lower socioeconomic population in Lynn county is higher than the state average of Texas. Lynn County Hospital District plans to obtain the one existing dental office and update the equipment (which is 35 years old and obsolete) so it can be useable and effective for county residents. They plan to recruit and partner with local dentists to provide services to residents of Lynn County, and they have already been in contact with local partners. Once the equipment has been purchased and infrastructure is in place, the program will be self-sustaining. This grant amount of $30,277 would go toward 2 dental chairs and a Pano X-Ray machine.
Grant Date: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Grant Amount: