Grant Project Title: 
COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J)
Grantee Address: 
Center for Policing Equity
1925 Century Park East Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA
United States
This investment supports the Center for Policing Equity’s COMPSTAT for Justice program which uses data science to measure justice within police departments and provide recommendations, interventions, and tools to address and eliminate racial inequities. Most police departments across the country use COMPSTAT, which is a software system that tracks incidents and holds departments accountable by measuring crime. CPE uses COMPSTAT for Justice, which is an innovative approach to data that identifies racial disparities and reveals patterns of unjust outcomes in order to change the policies and procedures that perpetuate bias in policing. The Center for Policing Equity has seen results in cities where they’ve worked: they have seen an average of 25% fewer arrests, 26% fewer use of force incidents, and 13% fewer officer injuries. For cities that CPE surveyed, they found that over a three-year period reflecting CPE’s work, perceptions on racial bias improved by 7%, neighborhood safety improved by 11%, and police legitimacy improved by 8%. CPE has been shifting their lens toward “racism is a public health issue,” because police use force an estimated 2 to 4 times more often against Black people than White people, leading to more injuries, deaths, lost wages, hospital costs, psychological trauma, economic hardship, and increased juvenile crime. CPE currently serves approximately 63 million people through their work with community police departments, and they have a goal of reaching 100,000,000 people by 2023. Before the murder of George Floyd, they had 250 police departments on a waiting list to work with them, and they now have over 1000 on their waiting list. The organization has doubled in size since last year, and they are planning on doubling again within the next year. This grant of $25,000 would support CPE’s harm reduction efforts, specifically COMPSTAT for Justice, to lead initiatives in public safety systems to make law enforcement less racist and less deadly.
Grant Date: 
Tuesday, December 15, 2020 to Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Grant Amount: