National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network

A strong oral health safety net system is vital to meet current and future demand for oral health prevention, education and treatment for underinsured and underserved children and adults. With health care trending towards providing more holistic, person-centered care, federally-qualified health centers, community clinics, and other safety providers are poised to be hubs of innovation in developing and implementing new ways of intergrating oral health into primary care.  The National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network (NOHIIN) is leading a national movement to unify and empower Primary Care Associations (PCAs) and safety net providers to be champions of oral health as an essential component of good overall health. 

NOHIIN serves as a learning collaborative of more than 30 PCAs across the country. This network convenes virtually and in-person throughout the year to highlight challenges and promote best practices for integrating oral health into primary care at the community level. Members receive technical assistance and resources around financing and reimbursement methodologies, internal collaboration, co-location of services, executive leadership engagement, and more. 

This collaborative grew out the Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net (SOHSN) partnership. Funded by the former DentaQuest Foundation, this initiative engaged partners like the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA), supporting their work to strategically build capacity to promote oral health on behalf of safety net providers across the country. At the state and regional level, we partnered with PCAs to develop oral health leadership in their member community health centers, advocate for safety net oral health needs among policy makers and legislators, and develop programming on behalf of member community health centers that encourages oral health and interprofessional activities across dental and medical programs. At the community level, a number of FQHC-affiliated safety net dental programs within each PCA received in-kind, individualized technical assistance from the former DentaQuest Institute's Safety Net Solutions program.

For several years, new PCAs were brought into the network. Each year's cohort, as well as NOHIIN's partner organizations, are listed as follows:

Partner Organizations:

Cohort 1:

Cohort 2: 

Cohort 3: 

Cohort 4:

Cohort 5: