Keys to Success

Danielle Apostolon Danielle Apostolon is the Senior Technical Assistance Project Manager for Safety Net Solutions (SNS). She oversees the data collection and analysis process, and develops findings, recommendations and enhancement plans for safety net clinics. Read more

Value-Based Care

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager and Mark Doherty, DMD, MPH, CCHP Executive Director, Safety Net Solutions

What is Value-Based Care? Value-based care (VBC) is a person/patient centered approach to health care delivery designed to improve health outcomes and lower the cost of care. Value-based payers reimburse providers based on the quality of care instead of the volume of care. The expectation is that payers will eventually move away from a fee-for... Read more

Defining Dental Program Capacity

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Defining capacity for the dental program is the first step to creating a successful dental program. Often times, the dental program is being asked to see a high number of patient visits to generate enough revenue to cover costs. The problem with that is more visits do not necessarily equate to more revenue depending on your patient/payer mix.... Read more

Scheduling for Dental Success

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Scheduling by design is a strategic approach to increasing access, improving patient satisfaction and attaining financial viability. The majority of safety net dental practices face the challenge of trying to meet an overwhelming demand for care from disadvantaged patients. In some cases, they may be the only access point in their service area... Read more

Using Data to Manage for Success in Safety Net Dental Programs

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Creating, maintaining and managing an efficient and effective safety net dental program is a continuous quality improvement process. The environment in which safety net dental programs operate is dynamic and ever-changing, and programs need to be adept at quickly identifying and responding to new challenges and opportunities. The way to do this is... Read more

Guidelines to Creating a Budget

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

A budget is a forecast of revenue and expenses based on assumptions, program goals and strategies.  Typically a budget is created for the upcoming year and is not revised unless anything drastically changes in the dental program. All too often the Dental Director is left out of the budget development process which can lead to inaccurate... Read more

Motivating and Managing Staff for Success

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Hiring the right staff is a key factor to building a successful safety net dental practice. Recruiting providers and staff can be challenging and once you find the right person it is important to make sure they are satisfied and stay motivated! Programs with leadership who foster open communication, pay attention to staff morale, and provide... Read more