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Readiness Assessment


This readiness assessment is designed to help oral health programs evaluate their level of preparedness for the anticipated transition to an Oral Health Value-Based Care (OHVBC) reimbursement model. In preparation for this reimbursement transformation, oral health programs must have proficiency across the following five domains:

  • Leadership
  • Structure, Systems and Operations
  • Care Pathways and Provider Buy-In
  • Data and Analytic Technology and Personnel
  • Financial Viability and Strength

Within each domain, there are several competencies required for achieving success. In this assessment, you will rate your readiness for each competency. 

Completing the Assessment:

“Development Needed,” should be selected if the competency requires any further enhancement or growth to achieve complete mastery. The areas in need of further development will become your task list for organizational preparation. After the assessment is completed you will receive a custom Competency Development Guide that has resources and additional information for each competency where "development needed" was selected. "Proficient,” should be selected if your oral health program is already competent and requires no further development. When your program is able to check “Proficient” in all competencies, you will be prepared for Oral Health Value-Based Care payment models.

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