Participant Stories

Stephanie Pagliuca

Director, Workforce Development and Recruitment
Bi-State Primary Care Association

Participant Bio

Stephanie Pagliuca is the Director of Workforce Recruitment & Development for Bi-State Primary Care Association. Bi-State is the PCA for the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Her role oversees the Bi-State‚Äôs Recruitment Center and works with community health centers and key stakeholders in the public and private sectors across the two states to increase access to oral health, especially for rural and underserved populations. This is achieved through initiatives that focus on dentist recruitment, health care workforce development, recruitment and retention and providing training and technical assistance in areas that enhance an integrated health care workforce.   

What was the reason for partnering with Institute?

Our states are all at different points for establishing/implementing a value-based care system for all health care including oral health. The oral health aspect of this work in our region is in its nascent stages. It was clear that a training could offer an orientation to this work and what is happening across the country from the perspective of increasing equitable access to dental services and oral health for underserved and underrepresented populations. Bringing in a diverse audience of health center C-suite and dental providers as well as other key stakeholders provided a forum for sharing across groups to identify the components that would be important to incorporate into a state-focused system that could take advantage of opportunities and address anticipated barriers.  

Did this training solve a problem your organization or members were facing?

Yes, it created a forum to provide an overview of a value-based care system and an opportunity for meaningful dialogue among and between administrative, clinical, and key stakeholders.  

Please tell us specifically why our training was helpful for meeting your needs?

The diversity of the trainers themselves and the perspectives they offered was very valuable since our audience was diverse. Staff and consultants were very engaged in helping us design an agenda that would meet the needs of our attendees. The information about what models are being used in other states was very helpful to have in one place for busy attendees that need this information but do not have time to gather it on their own.

What is it you like best about our training?

Engaged and dynamic speakers. Support in developing an engaging agenda that would meet our goals. 

Why have you chosen to recommend our training to others?

Working with the staff experts and technical advisors from the Institute is one of the best things an organization that wants to advance oral health can do. The team really understands not only the subject matter but the way that the care is delivered to vulnerable and underserved populations as well as the partners and stakeholders that should be at the table. They can advise on topics ranging from  health center operational issues to broader strategies for engaging clinicians, administrators, and key stakeholders.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with our training and resources?

If an organization is struggling with what strategy to take to advance or highlight the importance and intersection of oral health to overall health, they should not hesitate to reach out to the Institute to have an initial conversation about their needs. CareQuest Institute can offer a wide range of support, perspectives and trainings that will health in addressing these needs. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.