Leading Dentistry Journal Dedicates Special Issue to Value-Based Care Transformation in Oral Health

DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement serves as guest editor to provide practical information for dental practices and policymakers looking to transition to value-based oral health care

The Journal of Public Health Dentistry (JPHD) released a special issue dedicated to the urgent need to rethink our oral health system with a focus on value-based care (VBC). Leaders from the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement served as guest editors of the special issue.

“This special issue is a collective call to action,” said Dr. Sean Boynes, vice president of health care improvement for the DentaQuest Partnership. “The pandemic has shown us all too clearly that our current model for delivering oral health care is not sustainable, equitable or efficient. We need to transition to value-based oral health care, and that will take deeper education and collaboration. This resource is an important step in educating dental professionals and policy makers alike to move us closer to achieving value-driven oral health care.” 

 With nearly two dozen articles and briefs authored by leading academic researchers, dental professionals, advocates and health policy experts, the JPHD special issue shares important findings highlighting the growing presence of VBC in dentistry. The collective works in this special issue are the first amassed on VBC for the dental field. It marks the shift away from the traditional dental model to value-based oral health care embracing equity, comprehensive care and a focus on health outcomes aligning with national efforts in health care transformation. 

There is a documented need among dental professionals for more information and best practices when it comes to understanding and adopting key elements of VBC in oral health. DentaQuest Partnership editors invited a range of contributions including original research, informed best practices for clinical application, and policy and patient perspectives in order to show evidence, capture diverse voices, and share practical tools to facilitate the transition to VBC in oral health.

This special issue is the first holistic resource to showcase clear and multifaceted evidence that VBC is taking root in dentistry. To learn more and access the VBC special issue, free of charge, visit https://www.dentaquestpartnership.org/wickedproblem.