We invest strategically to strengthen communities and improve the overall system to create better oral health for all. 

Advancing Equity Through Oral Health Fund

We are driving oral health transformation through a multi-year grantmaking fund that supports efforts to erase unjust disparities across oral health access, treatment, and outcomes. Our funding is driven by four goals that are critical to advancing health equity.​​

Drive federal oral health policy

Strengthen community voice & state advocacy

Spread learning models to the broader safety net

Support the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN)

Our Cross-Cutting Strategies

We pursue investment opportunities that drive progress in these 5 areas:​


Health and Racial Equity: We fund initiatives that account for, contextualize and address historic imbalances in power, representation, infrastructure and outcomes within all systems.​

Social Determinants of Health: We provide grants to organizations working to advance structural changes that align care, community, and policies in a way that address social risk factors and enable oral health value-based care. ​

Community-Centered Measurement: We invest in community-centered data strategies that can influence policy and compel systems change.​

Learning and Capacity Building: We strengthen the ability of our partners to drive systemic change by funding multi-lateral learning efforts.​

Innovation in Oral Health: We support oral health care delivery innovations that reduce inequities and increase parity in access and outcomes.​

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Additional Funding Opportunities

Community Response Fund

We know there are times when community programs require resources to meet the immediate needs of those suffering from poor oral health. To address those needs, the Community Response Fund supports small, one-time grants that respond to an urgent issue impacting access to clinical care, provide short-term access to needed care for the underserved, sustain organizations through short-term challenges. Applicants must have 501(c)3 non profit status.

Emergent & Relief Fund

The current health care system, including oral health, is not built to meet the needs of historically underserved communities. To this end, we have created the Emergent & Relief Fund to respond to pervasive and intersectional issues that impact underserved communities disproportionately across the country.

Executive Director’s Fund

We offer grants that support convenings, events, and activities that promote good oral health. Applicants must have 501(c)3 non profit status.

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