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Analytics & Data Insights

We use our extensive database and unique analytical skills to tell data-driven stories that reveal timely insights and inspire change in oral health. 

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Driving Change with Data, Analytics, and Evaluation

We’re here to drive systems change. To do this, we create and disseminate actionable research, analytics, and evaluations that providers, policy makers, and advocates can use to improve the oral health care system and better inform policy and financing decisions. Our research is powered by state and national-level representative data sources, including health care claims data, integrated medical-dental databases, and surveys of health care experiences. By seeking out and analyzing these data sources, we uncover provocative trends in the oral health care delivery system that spur and support the development of evidence-based, person-centered strategies for care and new value-based financing models.

Most Popular Publications

Image of report cover Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits for Specific Beneficiary Groups

Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits

Offered to Specific Beneficiary Groups
Image of report cover Oral Systemic Interactions and Medical-Dental Integration A Life Course Approach

Oral-Systemic Interactions and Medical-Dental Integration

A Life Course Approach
Image or report cover Uninsured and In Need

Uninsured and in Need

68.5 Million Lack Dental Insurance, More May Be Coming
Image of journal article Periodontal treatment associated with decreased diabetes-related treatment costs

Periodontal Treatment Associated with Decreased Diabetes Treatment Costs

An Analysis of Dental and Medical Claims Data
Image of journal article Framework for fiscal impact analysis of managing initial caries lesions with noninvasive therapies

Managing Initial Caries Lesions with Noninvasive Therapies

Framework for Fiscal Impact Analysis

Current Research Projects & Collaborations

Health Equity
Medical-Dental Integration
Veteran Oral Health
Access to Care

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We share our research through manuscripts, white papers, research briefs, and other publications, as well as state and national health care presentations, keynote addresses, and participation in workgroups. Our ability to develop and disseminate industry-moving research is made possible through our close collaborations with internal stakeholders, external researchers, policy makers, government representatives, leaders in the oral health field, and other collaborators. 


Our Impact

Together, with our partners — providers, patients, policymakers, and stakeholders across oral health — we are creating a more accessible, equitable, and integrated health system for everyone.

Explore the CareQuest Institute Impact Report 2023 to find videos, stories, and statistics about how we’re improving the oral health system through our collaborative work in philanthropy, analytics and data insights, health transformation, policy and advocacy, and education.

2023 Impact Report