Grant Project Title
Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice
Grantee Address

NYU College of Nursing
433 First Ave
New York, NY
United States

This investment supports the New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) to continue to lead the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Initiative aimed at developing, implementing, and evaluating the impact of a replicable interprofessional model for integrating interprofessional oral health competencies in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. OHNEP is the nursing “arm” of NIIOH and has been co-funded by us for approximately 11 years. In 2019, oral health officially became a part of the midwifery profession and the core competencies were revised accordingly. OHNEP has been featured in several national conferences and program leads have been particularly effective at demonstrating how oral health fits into an interprofessional approach for both older adults and young children. The goals of the OHNEP for Year 12 are to: develop and disseminate in the first two months of this grant cycle a 10 year update of the OHNEP model and HEENOT (head, ears, eyes, nose, oral, throat examination) oral health competencies; develop resources that address the intersection between oral health and hospital acquired pneumonia, older adults, oncology, and veterans and the role of nursing to identify risks; continue to develop OHNEP’s virtual model and corresponding resources about nursing’s role in oral health; develop a pilot clinical initiative that supports oral health care delivery for individuals with disabilities in partnership with NYU College of Dentistry; and continue to pursue opportunities to spotlight this work within the broader nursing and primary care sector. $229,594 will support staff and consultant time, travel, and meeting sponsorship for the implementation of this work.

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