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Arkansas Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, Inc. (AMDPA) Oral Health Curriculum
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Arkansas Medical Dental Pharmaceutical Association
P. O. Box 55104
Little Rock, AR
United States

The Arkansas Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical Association (AMDPA) is a professional association of minority doctors, dentists and pharmacists based in Little Rock and operating throughout the state of Arkansas. 2020 was the first year that AMDPA received funding from DQP which led to work related to engaging communities and organizations of color across the state to lead an analysis of oral health inequities. Additionally, in 2020, AMDPA lead a summer learning series that highlighted Dr. Bob Russell, who spoke on oral health integration and teledentistry. The work culminated in a report that highlights the learnings from statewide oral health listening sessions that point to recommendations for advancing oral health equity in the state.

With this proposal, AMDPA seeks to take the report created last year and begin implementing the recommendations, which point to deeper integration of oral health into primary care as well as deeper engagement of BIPOC and rural communities in oral health and health policy in the state. To do this, AMDPA will partner with Baptist Hospital and the Black Mayors Association to collaborate on a 100-county clinical tour where they will leverage 1) support the inclusion of oral health care and education within the delivery of immediate medical and behavioral health and 2) leverage these statewide touchpoints to gather statewide data on oral health inequities and 3) through surveying begin to create a base of oral health advocates across the state. They will synthesize this data and share it with the Black Mayor’s Association through local Town Halls and gather feedback, all of which will culminate in the creation of a statewide oral health policy agenda that they hope to introduce it at a Fall Arkansas State Oral Health Summit. Through this, the hope is to begin conversations around oral health equity through value-based management platforms that are informed by and supported by community.

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