Grant Project Title
Replacement X-Ray Developer for Free Clinic
Grantee Address

Gennesaret Free Clinics
615 North Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN
United States

Gennesaret Free Clinic is a dental clinic that provides services to homeless individuals and low-income people in Indianapolis, IN. They provide preventative and restorative dental services and education on healthy dental practices. Gennesaret provides services to about 500 patients annually. This investment, through the Community Response Fund, is to support the cost of an X-Ray Developer (AT 2000) to replace their current old and damaged equipment. The current Developer is over nine years old and has been repaired multiple times over the past year. Staff must often retake poorly or undeveloped film, which leads to extended, unhealthy radiation exposure for the patient. A new x-ray developer would allow them to provide better and safer services to patients, and improve the workflow in their current environment. Gennesaret Free Clinic currently does not have the funding needed to purchase, install, and implement a digital x-ray device, but they are currently working toward opening a new dental center in a few years that will have a digital system. The budget of $9,304 would go directly toward the new x-ray developer, warranty, and installation.

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