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American Academy of Cariology 2021 Annual Conferences
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American Academy of Cariology
711 Potter Ave
Half Moon Bay, CA
United States

The American Academy of Cariology is a national membership organization committed to improving oral health through prevention and management of dental caries over the lifespan of the population.

This investment, through the Executive Director’s Fund, supports the American Academy of Cariology’s 5th annual conference, which is scheduled as two webinars, one in the spring and one in the fall, instead of an in-person event. The spring webinar, titled “Management of root caries lesions,” was centered around the topic of root caries affecting the elder population and took place in June virtually. This webinar included three sessions with Q&A on control of root caries lesions by the patient, nonoperative and minimally invasive management of root caries lesions, and restorative management of root caries lesions. The fall webinar will be focused on caries-affected dentin and materials designed as dentin modifiers. The fall webinar will also include 3 sessions with Q&A sessions on the following topics: mechanisms contributing to dentin caries progression, complexity of dentin-pulp biology in caries, dentin repair, and others. In addition to the webinars, the organization is working with new board members and determining new priorities for the organization and for future growth. The budget of $20,000 would go toward speakers’ honorariums, support for projects, website maintenance, social media advertising, and some staff time.

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