Grant Project Title
Better Imaging Workflow
Grantee Address

Heart and Soul Clinic, Inc
17338 Westfield Park Road, Suite 1
Westfield, IN
United States

Heart and Soul Clinic is a free medical, dental, and mental healthcare clinic that provides services to uninsured and underinsured individuals in Central Indiana. The clinic is staff by all volunteer providers, both medical and dental. They offer two dental clinics per month, with one of these each month being a walk-in clinic, and have just started a root canal clinic once a month as well. They plan to see approximately 180 dental patients during 2021. Heart and Soul Clinic is involved in many community networks and coalitions to connect people with care, and also partners with community-based organizations to reach individuals that need assistance with other basic needs.

This investment, through the Community Response Fund, supports the purchase of handheld portable imaging equipment, which would replace Heart and Soul Clinic’s current, stationary equipment. They currently have an x-ray head which is over 25 years old, and tends to be temperamental and has occasionally needed replacement parts. The current piece of equipment also has inconsistencies with image quality, amounts of radiation produced, delays in capturing images, and this causes a bottleneck in their workflow. With this funding, they are planning to purchase a handheld x-ray unit, which will improve the efficiency in their workflow and improve quality of services to patients with lower radiation exposure. The budget of $5,000 would go toward about $3,500 for the equipment, and additional costs for shipping, installation, training, and relicensing of software.

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