Grant Project Title
Colorado Oral Health Equity Advocacy
Grantee Address

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
1420 Ogden, Suite A1
Denver, CO
United States

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) is a membership-based consumer advocacy organization that works to improve equity, access, and affordability of health care for folks in Colorado. In Colorado, oral health access issues disproportionally impact BIPOC and low-income communities and 1 in 5 Colorado residents report fair to poor oral health.

CCHI is seeking $100,000 from the Strengthen Community Voice and State Advocacy subprogram of the Advancing Equity Fund to build an oral health equity committee in Colorado, specifically engaging the BIPOC community, to inform necessary advocacy directed toward promoting access to culturally relevant dentistry, improved affordability for consumers, and payment and delivery system reforms that promote integration.

CCHI, and its advocacy partners in the oral health equity committee will draft an oral health organizing plan driven by a community advisory board, utilizing community input and involvement, and create an oral health equity agenda in collaboration with the Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy and Research Organization.

The committee and workgroups developed as part of this project will specifically lift up the voices of BIPOC communities in Colorado to drive solutions. As a starting point, CCHI will conduct an oral health equity survey targeting healthcare consumers. Colorado Consumer Health Initiative's work will also be informed by membership in their Consumer Assistance Program, which directly connects with individuals in helping to navigate medical billing, claims, and access to care issues.

CCHI will also draw upon locally available data, including information from the Colorado Health Access Survey, an All Payer Claims Database by the Center for Improving Value in Healthcare, and the Colorado Trust. The bulk of advocacy work will happen in the 2022 Legislative Session beginning in January. Colorado Consumer Health Initiative will leverage its network to seek out community members and consumers, and garner support from advocacy organizations and legislators during the Legislative Session.

CCHI’s work in oral health will be built on prior successful legislative experiences - examples shared include bills around Health care Billing Requirements for Indigent Patients and the Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option, among others. CCHI will lean on the expertise of national partners like Community Catalyst, Families USA, and advocacy groups in other states.

The proposed budget for this project is allocated toward staff time, technology for hosting health equity committee meetings, translation services and promotional fees for advocacy materials, and a stipend for Colorado Latino Leadership and Advocacy Organization. This request represents 12% of the overall organizational budget.

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