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Hispanic Dental Association
2 Talon Ct.
Sewell, DC
United States

The Hispanic Dental Association is a membership-based organization that works to improve the oral health of the Hispanic and Latinx community.

This grant, through the Executive Director’s Fund, is to support four CareQuest Institute promotional pieces to be placed in the new Journal of the Hispanic Dental Association (JHDA). The journal aims to educate, inform, and keep readers aware of how oral health is affecting healthcare professionals and community members. The inaugural issue of the JHDA was published in January of 2022 and includes a full-page ad for CareQuest Institute. The HDA will publish four quarterly issues of the JHDA in 2022 and this grant will allow CareQuest Institute to have an ad in each of the quarterly issues. The budget of $7,000 will support the full year’s research and production of the four journals, which will be disseminated broadly and to the appropriate government agencies. This agreement has already been made between HDA and CareQuest Institute, and this is part of the ongoing efforts to strengthen the organizational relationship.

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