Grant Project Title
Equipment to Deliver Free Safety Net Dental Care to Low-Income Children
Grantee Address

LevelUp Kids, Inc.
5416 NE Antioch Road
Kansas City, MO
United States

LevelUp Kids provides portable dental services for children of low-income families in Kansas City, Missouri living below 200% of the federal poverty level. The organization visits schools, low-income housing facilities, social service agencies, and churches to provide dental services, and serves about 6,000 children per year. About 30-35% of the student population in the area is enrolled in free or reduced-price lunch, and more than 25,000 students are enrolled in a Missouri Health Net plan. In addition to cost barriers, students also lack access to dental care because of parents’ inflexible jobs and lack of transportation, which increases the need for school-based programs.

This grant, through the Emergent and Relief Fund, is for support to purchase replacement equipment needed for LevelUp Kids’ dental program. The organization has identified about $38,000 in equipment needs and is requesting $13,600 from CareQuest Institute which would be used to purchase four curing lights and eight dental handpieces. LevelUp Kids has a need for multiple sets of equipment because of the 3 dental teams, need for multiple sizes because the children who receive services are aged 3-19, and there is a constant need of replacement and upgrade for equipment. With this replaced equipment, the organization envisions an increase in number of patients served, dental visits, enrollments in Medicaid, and improved oral health conditions. The budget of $13,600 would go directly toward the curing lights and handpieces, with no indirect cost or other expenses.

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