Grant Project Title
Oral health status and dental needs, utilization of dental services, and workforce, addressing the needs of Hispanics in the U.S. (Phase 2 & 3)
Grantee Address

Hispanic Dental Association
2 Talon Ct.
Sewell, DC
United States

Founded in 1990, the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) is the leading voice for Hispanic Oral Health in the U.S. HDA provides services, education-research, advocacy, and leadership for all healthcare professionals, to promote overall health of the Hispanic and underrepresented communities. Two key realities that drive HDAs work are that:

* There is an increasing need to improve the overall health of the Hispanic population.
* Hispanics have a growing economic impact both as consumers and providers of Oral Healthcare services as well as participants in higher learning institutions.

HDA operates with a community context that facilitates service-oriented individuals to provide culturally competent oral health and expanded access to services.

The proposed scope represents phases 2 and 3 (out of 3) that build upon work that was completed and presented between January and April of 2022. The overarching project centers around the HDA becoming a centralized repository or resource for information on access, barriers, inequities, exclusions to be able to serve as a national catalyst for decision-making in public policy that elevates the perspective and needs of the Hispanic community. Through this scope of work, the HDA will partner with the CareQuest Institute Analytics and Evaluation Team to consolidate, analyze, and interpret this large collection of data and collaborate on publishing at least 1 white paper that will elevate workforce and health disparities that will serve as the first of its kind.

This proposal also represents an opportunity to establish and grow a formal partnership with the HDA, which strengthens CareQuest Institute’s strategy approach to advancing oral health equity through a variety of pathways:

CareQuest Institute will have deeper partnership and points of leverage with providers of color.

CareQuest Institute will have a data and analytics partner to advance the base of evidence that supports equitable oral health policy.

CareQuest Institute will have deeper capacity to inclusively engage in policy and systems change strategies with communities and providers of color.

The key activities in the culminating phases of this project include finalizing the pending data analysis for MEPS and PRAMS, completing the current and future workforce survey, overseeing a literature review on the topics covered by this data, and partnering with CareQuest Institute on the authoring of publishable materials.

Once published, the HDA seeks to leverage the partnership with CareQuest Institute to develop and implement strategies to advance oral health policies that reduce disparities in health outcomes and access, as well as increase equitable workforce opportunities, for Hispanic communities across the country.

The proposed budget for this project is $306,965, which primarily covers the cost of staff time for the project. It is divided across a group of Principle Investigators and administrative staff to oversee the project. Included in the budget, there is also $2,215 for one year of an SAS license. The HDA also shared that there is additional HDA in-kind support covering costs associated with the project at the estimated amount of $207,664. With this grant, it would take the total investment of this project up to $456,965.

The total organizational budget for the HDA is $854,096, which means that this grant would represent 36% of the organization's budget. The full funding amount for the project would represent about 54% of their total organizational budget.

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