Grant Project Title
Educating State Policymakers on Oral Health Policy Options
Grantee Address

National Conference of State Legislatures
7700 East First Place
Denver, CO
United States

National Conference for State Legislatures (NCSL) works to advance the effectiveness, independence and integrity of legislatures, to foster interstate cooperation and to facilitate the exchange of information among legislatures. The organization provides state legislators and legislative staff with policy research, legislative tracking, publications and educational opportunities.

With CareQuest Institute support, NCSL will continue to provide learning opportunities for its membership around eradicating dental disease in children, improving access to oral health services and engaging with community and state coalitions. NCSL will collaborate with CareQuest Institute staff to decide upon more specific oral health policy topics to be covered within the grant deliverables: one webinar, incorporation of oral health issues into in-person presentations (TBA pending assessment of COVID-19 risk factors), and one digital publication, which could be an infographic, blog post, or magazine article. Potential topics identified at this time by NCSL members include oral health integration into primary care or community settings, access to oral healthcare which may involve workforce, telehealth, rural and racial disparities and innovative service models, and partnerships to advance targeted oral health interventions. Within this proposal for 2022, NCSL proactively specifies their intent to engage representatives of community as part of their webinar and in-person events.

As part of this proposal, NCSL will also track legislation on state oral health policy broadly and will continue to include oral health policy tracking in NCSL’s Maternal and Child Health database which is available to legislators through their website.

New to NCSL’s work this year, NCSL staff has offered to provide a technical assistance session to CareQuest Institute grantees and/or Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) members about working with state legislatures, 2022 elections summaries, state legislative trends, etc.

CareQuest Institute has supported NCSL in providing programming and information about emerging oral health issues since 2014.

The total budget for this proposal is $52,000. Over $37,000 of the budget is allocated toward staff time. The remainder of the budget covers overhead and administrative expenses. CareQuest Institute provided NCSL with $697,590 since 2014, working collaboratively with them to develop similar educational opportunities for legislatures. This request represents 2% of the organization’s overall budget.

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