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Essential Equipment: A Dental Home Serving Children & Families in Low-Income Communities
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Angel Harvey Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago
United States

The Angel Harvey Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago (IWS) is a health center that aims to provide integrated and preventive healthcare services to children and their families. The organization serves low income and primarily Latinx families, with 87% of patients below the 100% federal poverty level, and 93% being Latinx, and much of the service area is designated a Dental Health Profession Shortage Area. The oral healthcare home at IWS has been running for 50 years, providing education, preventive, restorative, and emergency oral health services. The oral health clinic has 7 operatories, and one enclosed operatory for children with disabilities. IWS has a primarily bilingual staff and aims to serve over 4,000 individuals each year. Every IWS oral health patient receives linguistically competent and culturally sensitive care, as well as oral health education. Primary health care services work in conjunction with the oral health program, and the care coordination team refers patients who need a dental home. IWS also provides outreach services and coordinates care with local schools, other partner clinics, and community-based organizations.

This grant, through the Emergent and Relief Fund, will support IWS to replace broken equipment pieces. The dental clinic needs replacement equipment for one cordless curing light and one Cavitron. These pieces are necessary for all types of oral health services, from preventive to emergency, and would help pediatric and adult patients. The organization implements safety measures to lower the spread of illness, including using protective equipment, an enclosed operator and high-speed suction, and social distancing to limit exposure to aerosols. The budget indicates grant funding allocations of $1,500 for the curing light, $2,500 for the Cavitron, and a small portion for indirect costs.

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