Connecting Caries Risk Assessments and Cultural Awareness

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Course Description

Welcome to this self-paced course on understanding, assessing, and managing dental caries while demonstrating cultural humility. As a key component of preventive care, evaluating a patient's caries risk is pivotal for their overall health and well-being. But how can one determine the most effective assessment method? Once risks are identified, how can they be communicated to patients using a culturally humble approach? 

Learning Objectives
  • Explain CAMBRA (caries management by risk assessment) and how providers can use it to assess a patient's risk for developing caries. 
  • Discuss how coaching can help providers address risk factors they identify during caries conversations with patients. 
  • Demonstrate how cultural humility and motivational interviewing can change patients’ oral hygiene habits in practice and community settings. 
Course Length
60 Minutes
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