Glass Ionomer Cement: Prevention and Beyond

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Course Description

This course is for dental professionals and students who want to learn about using glass ionomer cement (GIC) in clinical dentistry. The course highlights the unique properties of GIC, including prolonged fluoride release, remineralization, and antibacterial activity. Modern glass ionomer cement offers superior aesthetics and durability and is often an ideal choice for restorations, liners, bases, luting agents, fissure sealants, and adhesives for orthodontic brackets. The lessons will explore using GIC for various applications, including sealants, restorations, the Hall technique, and SMART restorations. We'll conclude with an overview of the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. This tool can help learners effectively and sustainably integrate GIC (or any new device or process) into their practice to improve oral health outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  1. Define the primary properties of glass ionomer cement, emphasizing its unique features.
  2. Identify appropriate clinical scenarios where glass ionomer cement would be beneficial.
  3. Analyze glass ionomer cement's benefits in promoting prolonged fluoride release, remineralization, and antibacterial activity for improved oral health.
  4. Design strategies to sustainably integrate glass ionomer cement into practice with the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle.
Course Length
60 minutes
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