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Health Transformation

We are dedicated to transforming the oral health system of the future into one that is accessible, equitable, and integrated.

To achieve that vision, we collaborate with public and private stakeholders and support individuals, communities, and health systems to create person-centered, integrated systems of care that lead to better health outcomes.   

Image of physician helping parent and toddler learn to brush teeth

What Do We Mean by Health Transformation?

Our system of care is fragmented — medical, dental, and other areas of health are siloed — and when the system is fragmented, so is the quality and continuity of care that a patient receives. Oftentimes, patients slip through the gaps of the system and are burdened with the responsibility of seeking, managing, and integrating their care.  

Instead, equipped with the right tools and incentives, providers and other health care professionals can be stewards for patients by coordinating and providing comprehensive, holistic care. As part of our collaboration with public and private stakeholders, we provide tools and resources — such as patient care frameworks, finances, and data & analytics — to support integrated, person-centered, and equitable care.


Meaningful Change is Possible . . . and It's Happening Now

With our partners, we are designing and creating the health system of the future. Our goal is to elevate the lessons, stories, and data gathered from our ongoing efforts to fuel the health transformation movement in oral health and demonstrate how meaningful change is possible. 

A Successful Path to Value-Based Dental Care

At MyCare Health Center in Michigan, the chief dental officer and CEO work together to prioritize value over volume. The result? Decreased costs and no-show rates; increased prevention and revenue. And, their success has helped them open a new dental center. Read more about their lessons learned.
Image of first patient at new dental center at MyCare in Michigan
Image of first patient at new dental center at MyCare in Michigan

How Medical-Dental Integration Expands Access to Care

Medical-dental integration benefits both providers and their patients’ overall health. Learn more about how a pediatrician and a dentist in Ohio — who are also twin sisters — are successfully integrating medical and dental care to expand access and improve the overall health of their community.
Image of twin doctor and dentist from Ohio
Image of twin doctor and dentist from Ohio

Teledentistry and Community Learning Help More Kids Get Care

In just one school year, Blue Ridge Health in North Carolina has helped more than 1,200 children get the dental care they need through teledentistry. The health center owns two mobile units that go to elementary schools three days a week. It’s a win for everyone. Learn more.
Image of dentist applying fluoride varnish to boy's teeth while at school
Image of dentist applying fluoride varnish to boy's teeth while at school

Health Transformation Resources

Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment

The Value-Based Care (VBC) Readiness Assessment is designed to help dental and health care leadership teams evaluate organizational readiness to transition to a value-based care and payment model in dentistry. Is your organization ready for value-based care?

Medical and Dental Integration: A Need for Improved Electronic Health Records

The benefits of integrating oral and overall health care are well-known, but the inability for medical and dental providers to access shared patient records continues to be a barrier.  

Dental Data Exchange: HL7® Implementation Guides

These guides are designed to facilitate care coordination and create best practices for electronic exchange of patient data between dental and medical professionals.

Are You Interested in Transforming the Oral Health System? Partner With Us!

CareQuest Institute offers services and solutions to support individuals and organizations on their journey to transform the oral health system. Please complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to learn how we can help you transform health in your community.