State of Oral Health Equity in America 2021

The following series of reports was developed from findings from a nationally representative survey of consumer and patient attitudes, experiences, and behaviors on oral health. The survey was designed and commissioned by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health. 


Research Report #1:
A Coming Surge in Oral Health Treatment Needs





Research Report #2:
Dentists are an Untapped Resource for Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines





Research Report #3:
New Survey Suggests Optimism about Teledentistry Experience and Access





Research Brief:
The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental Health 




Methodology: The survey was collected in January and February 2021 on adults 18 and older by NORC at the University of Chicago on the AmeriSpeak panel. AmeriSpeak is a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the US household population. Randomly selected US households were sampled using area probability and address-based sampling, with a known, non-zero probability of selection from NORC National Sample Frame. Sampled households were contacted by U.S. mail, telephone, and field interviewers. A sampling unit of 16,986 was used, with a final sample size of 5,320 and a final weighted cumulative response rate of 5.2%. All data presented account for appropriate sample weights. The margin of effort for the survey is 1.86%.