We conduct innovative research and actively seek out and analyze data to reveal opportunities to transform oral health care and improve patient outcomes.

Driving Change with Data, Analytics, and Evaluation

We’re here to drive systems change. To do this, we create and disseminate actionable research, analytics, and evaluations that providers, policy makers, and advocates can use to improve the oral health care system and better inform policy and financing decisions. Our research is powered by state and national-level representative data sources, including health care claims data, integrated medical-dental databases, and surveys of health care experiences. By seeking out and analyzing these data sources, we uncover provocative trends in the oral health care delivery system that spur and support the development of evidenced-based, person-centered strategies for care and new, value-based financing models.

Current Research Projects and Collaborations


Understand COVID-19’s impact on dental practices and utilization of dental care services.

Medical-Dental Integration

Raise awareness of the linkage between oral health and overall health through medical and dental integration data.

Veteran Oral Health

Work with partners to develop data-driven recommendations informed by the veteran community to increase access to care.

Improving Access

Improve oral health care access by examining dental-related emergency department utilization and expenditures at health systems.

Noteworthy Research

Research Report Series:

State of Oral Health Equity in America 2021

This report series was developed from findings of a nationally representative survey of consumer and patient attitudes, experiences, and behaviors on oral health. 

Peer Reviewed Journal:

Survival of Silver Diamine Fluoride Among Patients Treated in Community Dental Clinics

Published in BMC Oral Health, this research article analyzes 12-month survival outcomes of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) applied independently or concurrently with other restorative procedures among a population receiving community dental care.

Research Brief

Challenges in Implementing School-Based Oral Health Programs

CareQuest Institute and the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) surveyed state and territorial dental directors, and released a new report outlining the challenges COVID-19 has presented in providing and implementing SBOHPs.

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We share our research through manuscripts, white papers, research briefs, and other publications, as well as state and national health care presentations, keynote addresses, and participation in workgroups. Our ability to develop and disseminate industry-moving research is made possible through our close collaborations with internal stakeholders, external researchers, policy makers, government representatives, leaders in the oral health field, and other collaborators. 

Meet the Team

As the engine that powers our innovative research, the CareQuest Institute Analytics & Evaluation (A&E) team is focused on mining data and unearthing the insights that will advance care for all.