Exploring Alternative Payment Models for Oral Health Care

Published 01/21/2020

An examination of the cost and utilization of alternative payment models for oral health care over a patient’s lifetime.

By Sean G. Boynes, DMD, MSCarolyn Brown, DDS, MEd and Eric P. Tranby, MA, PhD On Jan 10, 2020

Can alternative payment methods (APM) transform dentistry? Under our current system, the United States pays the most for health care and achieves the lowest performance among comparable countries. CareQuest Institute analyzes how this applies to dentistry - and how APMs can make a difference. As more states use their purchasing power to encourage better access, quality and accountability in oral health care for children in Medicaid, growth of APMs will continue in dentistry. Learn how the approach works, as the costs were lower than traditional fee for service models, while utilization was higher in the APM plans. 

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