Reshaping Dentistry in Turbulent Times

Published 12/07/2020

While COVID-19 has severely disrupted the dental care industry, a report from CareQuest Institute for Oral Health explores opportunities to innovate, improve financial sustainability and create greater access to care.

Based on survey responses from thousands of dental providers throughout the country, the report reveals that while patient volumes have decreased, dental providers who serve low-income and vulnerable populations continue to leverage telehealth to improve access for their patients and are increasingly interested in alternate payment models (APMs) to enhance their financial sustainability.

Some key findings from the report: 

  • In June 2020, about 90% of dental providers said their patient volume was reduced on average by half.
  • Most dental offices had reopened by August 2020 and nearly a quarter (23%) of dental providers are seeing some patients via telehealth platforms.
  • APMs can offer financial stability and the turbulence resulting from COVID-19 has strengthened provider interest in these models.

While dentistry is rapidly changing during the pandemic, the Institute has taken a lead role in reshaping the industry. A Three Domain Framework to Innovating Oral Health Care outlines a roadmap for future care that will be cost-effective, efficient, and more equitable.

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