A Snapshot of the 76.5 Million Americans Without Dental Insurance

Published 09/15/2021

The risk of oral health problems increases with age — and older populations are more likely to lack coverage when they need it most. This combination is leading to a surge in oral health care needs among adults aged 60 and over.

A new visual report from CareQuest Institute for Oral Health reveals that of all Americans, Medicare beneficiaries have the largest unmet need for dental coverage. Other key findings include:

  • An estimated 76.5 million adults do not have dental insurance.
  • Adults aged 60 and over were most likely to lack dental insurance.
  • A quarter of all respondents with Medicare reported that their current dental coverage is insufficient to maintain their oral health.

This visual report, based on a recent CareQuest Institute survey, also illuminates a path forward, noting that most Americans support adding comprehensive dental benefits to both Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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