Time Is on the Side of Change in Dentistry

Published 10/06/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of the current dental operating model. In the wake of the pandemic, the field of dentistry faces an imperative to reconfigure the organization, financing, and delivery of oral health care.

This paper in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry provides an overview of a new model, the Three Domain Framework, which uses emerging technology and transformative care methodology to facilitate care delivery and improve outcomes.

  • Domain One builds an accessible, convenient, evidence-based virtual framework for oral health care centered on disease prevention and whole-person health.
  • Domain Two focuses on minimally invasive care that reverses or slows early disease stages using a program of collaborative decision-making with patients.
  • Domain Three introduces personalized oral health care based on risk stratification, medical-dental integration, and safe surgical intervention.

The paper describes each of these domains in detail and explains how we can create an environment that will sustain this approach.

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