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Dental Safety Net Providers’ Experiences with COVID-19 Should Inform Dental Pandemic Preparedness COVID-19 and Oral Health Article
Patient Portals: Patient Perspectives and Opportunities for Practices Care Coordination Visual Report
Large-Scale Dental Data Collection: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Gained Value-Based Care Report
Oral Health Professionals Are Ready to Accept Teledentistry Teledentistry Report
The Impact of Underutilization of Preventive Dental Care by Adult Medicaid Participants Adult Dental Benefit Article
Age of First Oral Health Examination and Dental Treatment Needs of Medicaid-Enrolled Children Medical-Dental Integration Article
Health Equity Needs Teeth Health Equity Article
Identifying the Utility of Dental Providers in Human Papillomavirus Prevention Efforts: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015–2018 Medical-Dental Integration Article
Teledentistry: Opportunities for Expanding the Capacity and Reach of the Oral Health Care System Teledentistry Report
Improving Care Coordination Between Oral and Medical Providers Care Coordination Video
Veteran Oral Health: Expanding Access and Equity Expanding Access, Health Equity White Paper
2021: Oral Health Information Technology Virtual Convening  Care Coordination Presentation
Dental Fear Is Real. Providers Can Help. Expanding Access, Health Equity Visual Report
Why We (Still) Need to Add Dental to Medicare Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Report
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Oral Health Care Spending over the Life Span in Commercial- and Medicaid-Insured Populations Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Article
Time Is on the Side of Change in Dentistry COVID-19 and Oral Health, Medical-Dental Integration, Value-Based Care Article
System-Level Interventions to Reduce Utilization of General Anesthesia to Treat Dental Caries Clinical Practice, Expanding Access Article
Achieving Health Equity Through Oral Health Value-Based Care: A Funder’s Perspective Health Equity, Value-Based Care Article
The Wicked Problem of the Oral Health Care System: An Introduction Value-Based Care Article
MORE Care: An Evaluation of an Interprofessional Oral Health Quality Improvement Initiative Medical-Dental Integration Article
Understanding Value in Oral Health: The Oral Health Value-Based Care Symposium Value-Based Care Article
More Than Meets the Eye: Oral Health, Eye Health, and Overall Health Medical-Dental Integration Visual Report
Spotlight on Arizona: Adult Use of Emergency Departments for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Visual Report
Addressing Oral Health of Low-Income Populations: A Call to Action Expanding Access, Health Equity Article
The Oral-Systemic Connection and Why It's Important for Medical Professionals Medical-Dental Integration Video