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Defining Interoperability Care Coordination Video
A Primary Care Provider's Role in Oral Cancer Screenings Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration Video
The Challenges and Opportunities of Care Coordination Care Coordination Video
Person-Centered Care for Oral Health Clinical Practice Video
Dental Data Exchange: HL7® Implementation Guides Care Coordination, Medical-Dental Integration Tool
The Push to Add Dental Coverage to Medicare Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Report
A Snapshot of the 76.5 Million Americans Without Dental Insurance Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Visual Report
Expanding Dental Benefits Is Good for States.* Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Report
Association Between First Oral Examination Characteristics and Dental Treatment Needs in Privately Insured Children Clinical Practice Article
A Learning Community That Aims to Change Oral Health Expanding Access, Health Equity, Value-Based Care Report
A Geriatric Patient with Oral Health Issues Moves Through the Health System Care Coordination Case Study
Pandemic Drives Dental Provider Confidence in Telehealth COVID-19 and Oral Health, Teledentistry Report
Reflecting and Summarizing Clinical Practice Video
Questions and Reflections While Discussing Patient Values Clinical Practice Video
Open-Ended Questions and Affirmations Clinical Practice Video
Following Up on Patient Goals and Evoking During Planning Clinical Practice Video
Engaging Around Patient Goals Clinical Practice Video
Engaging and Agenda Setting Clinical Practice Video
Elicit-Provide-Elicit (Ask-Tell-Ask) Clinical Practice Video
Discussing Fluoride With a Parent Clinical Practice Video
Close-Ended Questions During A Caries Risk Assessment Clinical Practice Video
Caries Risk Assessment vs Caries Risk Conversation Clinical Practice Video
Caries Risk Conversation Value-Based Care Video
Using Motivational Interviewing in Dentistry Video Series Clinical Practice Video
An Open-Ended Question During A Caries Risk Conversation Clinical Practice Video