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Title Topic Type Published
Framework for Fiscal Impact Analysis of Managing Initial Caries Lesions with Noninvasive Therapies Clinical Practice, Minimally Invasive Care Journal Article 11/14/2023
Discrimination and Dignity Experiences in Prior Oral Care Visits Predict Racialized Oral Health Inequities Among Nationally Representative US Adults Health Equity Journal Article 10/27/2023
Opioids for Acute and Chronic Pain When Receiving Psychiatric Medications Clinical Practice Journal Article 09/28/2023
Effect of Self-Assembling Peptide P11-4 on Arrest, Cavitation, and Progression of Initial Caries Lesions Clinical Practice, Minimally Invasive Care Journal Article 06/13/2023
Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Care Utilization and Oral Health Conditions in the United States COVID-19 and Oral Health, Health Equity Journal Article 06/02/2023
Periodontal Treatment Associated with Decreased Diabetes-Related Treatment Costs Adult Dental Benefit, Care Coordination & Interoperability, Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 03/07/2023
Perceptions about HPV and Oropharyngeal Cancers Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 02/15/2023
Caries Risk and Social Determinants of Health: A Big Data Report Health Equity, Minimally Invasive Care Journal Article 12/12/2022
Update on Alternative Payment Models in Oral Health Care Quality Improvement, Value-Based Care Journal Article 12/06/2022
Refining the Process: Safety Net Dental Professionals’ Experiences with Teledentistry Implementation During the First Year of COVID-19 COVID-19 and Oral Health, Teledentistry Journal Article 11/18/2022
Estimation of Oral Disease Burden from Claims and Self-Reported Data Quality Improvement Journal Article 10/24/2022
Pre-Doctoral Dental Faculty Perceptions Toward Value-Based Care: An Exploratory Story Value-Based Care Journal Article 09/29/2022
The Association Between Accessing Dental Services and Nonventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia in Medicaid Beneficiaries Adult Dental Benefit, Care Coordination & Interoperability, Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 08/16/2022
Incidence, Mortality, and Cost Trends in Nonventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia in Medicaid Beneficiaries, 2015-2019 Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration, Quality Improvement Journal Article 07/18/2022
Undermining Racism: A Road to Promoting Equity in Oral Health Health Equity Journal Article 06/22/2022
Dentist Perceptions about the Value of Teledentistry Teledentistry Journal Article 05/17/2022
Evaluating Trust in the Patient-Dentist Relationship: A Mixed-Method Study Clinical Practice Journal Article 05/02/2022
Oral Cancer Prevalence, Mortality, and Costs in Medicaid and Commercial Insurance Claims Data Clinical Practice Journal Article 04/26/2022
Association Between Mental Health and Oral Health Status and Care Utilization Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 02/10/2022
Dental Safety Net Providers’ Experiences with COVID-19 Should Inform Dental Pandemic Preparedness COVID-19 and Oral Health Journal Article 02/10/2022
The Impact of Underutilization of Preventive Dental Care by Adult Medicaid Participants Adult Dental Benefit Journal Article 01/11/2022
Age of First Oral Health Examination and Dental Treatment Needs of Medicaid-Enrolled Children Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 01/10/2022
Health Equity Needs Teeth Health Equity Journal Article 01/05/2022
Identifying the Utility of Dental Providers in Human Papillomavirus Prevention Efforts: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015–2018 Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article 12/15/2021
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Oral Health Care Spending over the Life Span in Commercial- and Medicaid-Insured Populations Adult Dental Benefit, Access to Care, Health Equity Journal Article 11/11/2021