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Two-Phase Grant Application Process

Phase 1: Concept 

All applicants are invited to initiate the grant submission process by submitting a 500-word concept of a proposed project. This requirement applies to all applicants and organizations applying to any of the CareQuest Institute funds.

Within the concept, CareQuest Institute requests that applicants include:

1) Description of the issue you intend to address
2) Description of the project for which you are seeking funding
3) Why funds are needed to complete the project

Organizations can submit concepts at any time through the online grants management portal. After review, we will invite organizations whose work strongly aligns with CareQuest Institute’s priority areas to enter the next stage of the application process, to submit a full proposal.

If you are interested in submitting a project concept and have questions, please reach out to a member of the grants team. Members of the grants team are available to discuss funding concepts prior to submission.

Phase 2: Full Proposals 

Upon invitation, applicants can submit a full proposal, which is a more comprehensive application that includes a project narrative, work plan, and budget. This detailed proposal allows applicants to fully describe the proposed scope of work and corresponding steps necessary for implementation.


2024 Grants Timeline

Concept Submit Date

Proposal Deadline

Final Determination Anticipated

Sep 27, 2023 – Dec 13, 2023

Jan 10

Early Apr

Dec 16, 2023 – Mar 15, 2024

Apr 5

Early July

Mar 16, 2024 – May 10, 2024

July 3


May 11, 2024 – July 26, 2024

Sep 13

Dec 15

July 27, 2024 – Nov 22, 2024


How to Apply for a Grant

Concept and full proposal submissions are managed through Fluxx, our online grants management portal. If you do not have a FLUXX account:

  1. Visit Fluxx and select "Register Now" in the bottom right-hand corner of the front page.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, click the "Apply Now" button in the bottom left-hand corner.
  3. Follow the steps to complete your application, noting that you will need to save periodically.


Where can organizations apply for funding?
Organizations can apply for funding through our online grants management portal, Fluxx. 

Where can organizations learn more about the grant process? 
Organizations can find more information about the funding areas by visiting our grantmaking landing page or by getting in touch with a member of the CareQuest Institute grants team. 

What types of organizations are eligible for funding?
CareQuest Institute makes grants to nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations in the United States and US territories. The Institute does not make grants to for-profit organizations or individuals. 

Should an organization submit a full budget as a part of the concept submission?  
No, you don’t need a full budget when submitting a concept, which is the first step in the proposal process. Our hope is that after any concept is approved, the process for writing and submitting a full proposal is collaborative and iterative in a way that can clarify any budget questions. 

Is there a funding amount maximum and/or a range for funding?
Coming into a new year with a new strategy, we want to remain flexible in relation to minimums and maximums and consider the scope of your work as well as its alignment with our priorities. 

Which organizations need to submit a Concept?  
We ask all interested organizations to submit a Concept as the initial step in the grant application process. Concepts are reviewed regularly and prospective applicants may contact a member of our Grantmaking team via email at grants@carequest.org for more information about submitting a Concept.

What budget line items are eligible/not eligible for funding?
CareQuest Institute does not make grants directly to individuals and does not support capital expenses, direct service, mobile vans, or payments for procedures.

Can organizations have conversations with the grants team before applying for funding? 
Absolutely! We encourage all organizations to reach out to a member of the grants team to discuss the program or project for which you are seeking funding. To connect with a team member, contact us at grants@carequest.org.  

What is the OPEN Network and how do I join?
The Oral Health Progress and Equity (OPEN) Network is a network of policymakers, providers, public health activists, and grassroots organizers who are working to create a more equitable oral health care system. You can join the network by visiting their website.