We invest strategically to strengthen communities and improve our systems, working to ensure better oral health for all. 

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Our Cross-Cutting Strategies

advancing equity through oral health

We pursue investment opportunities that drive progress in these five areas:​​​

Health and Racial Equity
We fund initiatives that account for, contextualize, and address historic imbalances in power, representation, infrastructure, and outcomes within all systems.​

Social Determinants of Health
We provide grants to organizations working to advance structural changes that align care, community, and policies in a way that addresses social risk factors and enables oral health value-based care. ​

Community-Centered Measurement
We invest in community-centered data strategies that can influence policy and compel systems change.​

Learning and Capacity Building
We strengthen the ability of our partners to drive systemic change by funding multilateral learning efforts.​

Innovation in Oral Health
We support oral health care delivery innovations that reduce inequities and increase parity in access and outcomes.​

Our Grant Funds

Advancing Equity Through Oral Health Fund

We are driving oral health transformation through grantmaking that supports efforts to dismantle unjust structures and systems that drive disparities across oral health, access to care, treatment, and outcomes. Our funding is structured around four funding areas that are critical to advancing health equity: 

  1. Drive Federal Oral Health Policy
  2. Strengthen Community Voice and State Advocacy
  3. Spread Learning Models to the Broader Safety Net
  4. Support the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN)

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Emergent & Relief Fund

The health care system, including oral health, is not built to meet the needs of historically underserved communities. To this end, we have created the Emergent & Relief Fund to respond to pervasive and intersectional issues that impact underserved communities disproportionately across the country. 

Through this grantmaking fund, CareQuest Institute seeks to support one or more of the following three strategic outcomes:   

  1. The development of innovative approaches to support the ongoing response by the oral health field to transform and meet the needs of consumers within, and beyond, the pandemic. 

  2. The ability of communities and partner organizations to provide immediate relief due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. community displacement due to a natural disaster).  

  3. The response to urgent and unexpected clinical issues that impact the direct access to care, particularly for historically marginalized communities 

All grants, whether to a local, state, or national partner, should demonstrate intent toward responding to the needs of historically marginalized communities. Like the Advancing Equity Through Oral Health fund, CareQuest Institute is interested in content that demonstrates intent and work related to the five cross-cutting dimensions (Health and Racial Equity, Social Determinants of Health and Oral Health, Community-Centered Measurement, Learning and Capacity Building, and Innovation in Oral Health). 

CareQuest Institute does not make grants directly to individuals and does not support capital expenses, operating expenses, direct service, mobile vans, or payments for procedures. Applicants must have 501(c)3 nonprofit status. 

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Executive Director's Fund

We offer grants that support convenings, events, and activities that promote good oral health. These grants are generally smaller awards and focus on reducing oral health disparities and advancing health equity. Applicants must have 501(c)3 nonprofit status. 

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