Dental Insurance Is Out of Reach for Many

Published 07/06/2021

A recent survey conducted by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health reveals that millions of Americans lack access to dental care, and that many lost their insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also found that access is distributed unequally among races and income groups. But Americans of all demographics recognize the importance of dental insurance, agreeing that public plans should cover dental care for people of all ages.

Key findings include:

  • An estimated 76.5 million adults, or 30%, do not currently have dental insurance.
  • Approximately 6 million of those without dental insurance reported recently losing their dental insurance due to COVID-19 benefit changes or job losses.
  • Nearly 2/3 of American adults strongly agree that comprehensive oral health care for adults should be covered by Medicaid (65%) and by Medicare (66%).

The visual report, drawn from findings from the State of Oral Health Equity in America 2021, also includes details about differences among racial and income groups in terms of oral health access and public opinion.

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