State of Oral Health Equity in America 2021

The following series of reports was developed from findings from a nationally representative survey of consumer and patient attitudes, experiences, and behaviors on oral health. The survey was designed and commissioned by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health. 

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Research Reports

A Coming Surge in Oral Health Treatment Needs

Dentists are an Untapped Resource for Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines

New Survey Suggests Optimism about Teledentistry Experience and Access

The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental Health

Visual Reports

Oral Disease Is Common. Access to Care Is Not.

Inequities Remain Pervasive in Oral Health

Dental Insurance Is Out of Reach for Many

Webinar Recordings

COVID-19, Vaccines, and Teledentistry

Recorded June 9, 2021

Consumer Perspectives on Oral Health Access, Outcomes, and Quality of Care

Recorded July 8, 2021


The survey was collected in January and February 2021 on adults 18 and older by NORC at the University of Chicago on the AmeriSpeak panel. AmeriSpeak is a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the US household population. Randomly selected US households were sampled using area probability and address-based sampling, with a known, non-zero probability of selection from NORC National Sample Frame. Sampled households were contacted by U.S. mail, telephone, and field interviewers. A sampling unit of 16,986 was used, with a final sample size of 5,320 and a final weighted cumulative response rate of 5.2%. All data presented account for appropriate sample weights. The margin of effort for the survey is 1.86%.