The Push to Add Dental Coverage to Medicare

Published 09/15/2021

The US population is aging, which means the number of Medicare beneficiaries is growing. Yet Medicare does not include a dental benefit, leaving millions of older adults without adequate oral health coverage or care.

A new CareQuest Institute for Oral Health report, based on a nationally representative survey of 5,320 adults, shows a strong consensus that a dental benefit should be added to all Medicare plans.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly all of those surveyed (94%) supported adding a dental benefit to Medicare.
  • Adding a dental benefit to Medicare has wide support from all political parties, medical and dental insurance groups, and consumers of all races.
  • Those with unmet oral health needs are more likely to express interest in adding a dental benefit to Medicare.

The survey, conducted early in 2021, examined consumer attitudes, experiences, and behaviors related to oral health.

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