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Title Topic Type Published
Minor Restorations Decreased after Implementation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Health Equity Presentation 03/27/2024
Implicit Bias Among Dental Professionals: A Scoping Review Health Equity Presentation 03/27/2024
2023: Oral Health Among Individuals Requiring Support of a Caregiver Access to Care Presentation 11/21/2023
2023: Beyond the Screen: How Dental Providers are Using Teledentistry to Meet Patient Needs Teledentistry Presentation 11/21/2023
2023: Safe and Dangerous Home Remedies Used for Oral Pain and Discomfort Access to Care Presentation 11/21/2023
2022: US Adults' Perceptions about HPV Vaccination and Dental Providers' Role in HPV Prevention Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 11/30/2022
2022: Consumers Experiences with and Attitudes toward Receiving Health Screenings at Dental Visits Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 11/30/2022
2022: Screening for Diabetes in the Oral Health Care Setting: Developing a Predictive Algorithm to Identify High-Risk Patients Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 11/30/2022
2022: Integration of Oral Health into Primary Care: Importance of Patients’ Perceptions and Attitudes Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 11/30/2022
2022: Data and Storytelling: Supporting Equitable Access to Care for Veterans Access to Care Presentation 11/30/2022
2022: Oral Health in Households with Disabilities Health Equity Presentation 09/06/2022
2022: Exploring Connections to Value-Based Care in Dental Education Value-Based Care Presentation 05/17/2022
2022: Interpretation of Ambiguous Dental Scenarios by Severity of Dental Anxiety Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 05/17/2022
2022: Diabetes Treatment Costs Decrease after Periodontal Therapy: Medicaid and Commercial Claims Data Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 05/17/2022
2022: Oral Health Integration: Attitudes on Medical-Dental Collaboration Medical-Dental Integration Presentation 05/17/2022
2021: Oral Health Information Technology Virtual Convening  Care Coordination & Interoperability Presentation 12/07/2021
2020: Understanding Value in Oral Health: The Oral Health Value Based Care Value-Based Care Presentation 08/10/2020
2020: Patients and Providers Support Teledentistry Teledentistry Presentation 08/10/2020
2020: Provider Survey Reveals "Confidence Gap" in Ability to Implement Necessary COVID-Related Changes COVID-19 and Oral Health Presentation 08/10/2020
2020: Downward Trends in Dental-Related Opioid Prescriptions Among Medicaid Population Health Equity Presentation 08/10/2020
2019: Oral Health Promotion and Dental Care Access for Children Through School-Based Services Access to Care, Health Equity Presentation 06/04/2019
2019: Opioid Overdose Deaths and Emergency Department Visits for Dental Conditions in Maryland Health Equity Presentation 04/05/2019