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Oral Health Is Essential to Veteran Productivity and Well-Being Access to Care Visual Report 02/12/2024
Medical Oral Expanded Care in Ohio Access to Care, Medical-Dental Integration Case Study 02/07/2024
The Hour of Need: Productivity Time Lost Due to Urgent Oral Health Needs  Access to Care, Health Equity Visual Report 02/02/2024
Oral-Systemic Interactions and Medical-Dental Integration: A Life Course Approach Care Coordination & Interoperability, Clinical Practice, Medical-Dental Integration, Quality Improvement Report 11/28/2023
2023: Oral Health Among Individuals Requiring Support of a Caregiver Access to Care Presentation 11/21/2023
2023: Beyond the Screen: How Dental Providers are Using Teledentistry to Meet Patient Needs Teledentistry Presentation 11/21/2023
2023: Safe and Dangerous Home Remedies Used for Oral Pain and Discomfort Access to Care Presentation 11/21/2023
Framework for Fiscal Impact Analysis of Managing Initial Caries Lesions with Noninvasive Therapies Clinical Practice, Minimally Invasive Care Journal Article 11/14/2023
Still Searching: Meeting Oral Health Needs in Rural Settings Access to Care, Health Equity Report 11/14/2023
Teledentistry Regulation and Policy Guidance Teledentistry Tool 11/13/2023
Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits Offered to Specific Beneficiary Groups Adult Dental Benefit Visual Report 10/31/2023
Discrimination and Dignity Experiences in Prior Oral Care Visits Predict Racialized Oral Health Inequities Among Nationally Representative US Adults Health Equity Journal Article 10/27/2023
Hunger Pains: How Food Insecurity Affects Oral Health Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Report 10/10/2023
Opioids for Acute and Chronic Pain When Receiving Psychiatric Medications Clinical Practice Journal Article 09/28/2023
Uninsured and in Need Access to Care, Adult Dental Benefit Report 08/28/2023
Medical and Dental Integration: A Need for Improved Electronic Health Records Care Coordination & Interoperability, Medical-Dental Integration Visual Report 08/17/2023
The Oral-Systemic Connection Across the Lifespan Medical-Dental Integration Infographic 07/20/2023
Cost, Race, and the Persistent Challenges in Our Oral Health System Health Equity Report 06/28/2023
Children’s Use of Emergency Departments for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions Access to Care, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Visual Report 06/22/2023
Beyond a Nice Smile Medical-Dental Integration Infographic 06/20/2023
Addressing the Oral Health Needs of Hispanics in the U.S. Access to Care, Health Equity White Paper 06/15/2023
Effect of Self-Assembling Peptide P11-4 on Arrest, Cavitation, and Progression of Initial Caries Lesions Clinical Practice, Minimally Invasive Care Journal Article 06/13/2023
Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Care Utilization and Oral Health Conditions in the United States COVID-19 and Oral Health, Health Equity Journal Article 06/02/2023
The State of Sleep and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Myths and Facts Clinical Practice, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Visual Report 05/30/2023
Dental Danger: Home Remedies to Avoid When Awaiting Care Health Equity Report 05/18/2023