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Recent Trends in Hospital Emergency Department Visits for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions Adult Dental Benefit, Access to Care, Health Equity Visual Report
How Depression Is Linked to Oral Health Clinical Practice Visual Report
Dentist Perceptions about the Value of Teledentistry Teledentistry Journal Article
2022: Exploring Connections to Value-Based Care in Dental Education Value-Based Care Presentation
2022: Interpretation of Ambiguous Dental Scenarios by Severity of Dental Anxiety Medical-Dental Integration Presentation
2022: Diabetes Treatment Costs Decrease after Periodontal Therapy: Medicaid and Commercial Claims Data Medical-Dental Integration Presentation
2022: Oral Health Integration: Attitudes on Medical-Dental Collaboration Medical-Dental Integration Presentation
Evaluating Trust in the Patient-Dentist Relationship: A Mixed-Method Study Clinical Practice Journal Article
Oral Cancer Prevalence, Mortality, and Costs in Medicaid and Commercial Insurance Claims Data Clinical Practice Journal Article
Americans Are Still Not Getting the Dental Care They Need Health Equity Report
Veteran Dental Care Stimulates the Economy and Improves Overall Health Access to Care Visual Report
Many Older Adults Delayed Dental Care During the Pandemic Adult Dental Benefit Report
Missed Connections: Providers and Consumers Want More Medical-Dental Integration Medical-Dental Integration Visual Report
Teledentistry Helps Provide the Right Care at the Right Time Teledentistry Report
Association Between Mental Health and Oral Health Status and Care Utilization Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article
Dental Safety Net Providers’ Experiences with COVID-19 Should Inform Dental Pandemic Preparedness COVID-19 and Oral Health Journal Article
Patient Portals: Patient Perspectives and Opportunities for Practices Care Coordination & Interoperability Visual Report
Large-Scale Dental Data Collection: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Gained Value-Based Care Report
Oral Health Professionals Are Ready to Accept Teledentistry Teledentistry Report
The Impact of Underutilization of Preventive Dental Care by Adult Medicaid Participants Adult Dental Benefit Journal Article
Age of First Oral Health Examination and Dental Treatment Needs of Medicaid-Enrolled Children Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article
Health Equity Needs Teeth Health Equity Journal Article
Identifying the Utility of Dental Providers in Human Papillomavirus Prevention Efforts: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015–2018 Medical-Dental Integration Journal Article
Teledentistry: Opportunities for Expanding the Capacity and Reach of the Oral Health Care System Teledentistry Report
Improving Care Coordination Between Oral and Medical Providers Care Coordination & Interoperability Video