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Reflecting and Summarizing Clinical Practice Video
Questions and Reflections While Discussing Patient Values Clinical Practice Video
Open-Ended Questions and Affirmations Clinical Practice Video
Following Up on Patient Goals and Evoking During Planning Clinical Practice Video
Engaging Around Patient Goals Clinical Practice Video
Engaging and Agenda Setting Clinical Practice Video
Elicit-Provide-Elicit (Ask-Tell-Ask) Clinical Practice Video
Discussing Fluoride With a Parent Clinical Practice Video
Close-Ended Questions During A Caries Risk Assessment Clinical Practice Video
Caries Risk Assessment vs Caries Risk Conversation Clinical Practice Video
Caries Risk Conversation Value-Based Care Video
Using Motivational Interviewing in Dentistry Video Series Clinical Practice Video
An Open-Ended Question During A Caries Risk Conversation Clinical Practice Video
Emergency and Urgent Dental Visits Among Medicaid Enrollees from 2013 to 2017 Expanding Access, Health Equity Article
A Systematic Review of Dental-Related Emergency Department Visits among Medicaid Beneficiaries Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access Article
Dental Visits during Pregnancy: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Analysis 2012–2015 Expanding Access, Medical-Dental Integration Article
The Effect of Well Child Visit Location on Preventative Dental Visit Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Article
Teledentistry: Removing Barriers and Moving Toward Implementation Expanding Access, Health Equity, Teledentistry Visual Report
Teledentistry Use Beyond the Pandemic COVID-19 and Oral Health, Teledentistry Visual Report
Financial Impact of Emergency Department Visits for Dental Conditions in Maryland: An Update Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Report
Loss of Insurance Leads to Hard Decisions for Many Patients COVID-19 and Oral Health Report
Provider and Public Perceptions of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Clinical Practice Visual Report
Trends in National Opioid Prescribing for Dental Procedures among Patients Enrolled in Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit, Health Equity Article
Determinants of Tooth Loss in a Medicaid Adult Population Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access Article
Teledentistry: What to Know & How It Works Teledentistry Visual Report