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Title Topic Type
Exploring Alternative Payment Models for Oral Health Care Expanding Access, Health Equity, Value-Based Care Article
Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits Increase Access and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenditures Adult Dental Benefit, Expanding Access, Health Equity Report
Reversible Decay: Oral Health Is a Public Health Problem We Can Solve Medical-Dental Integration Report
Opioid Prescriptions for Acute and Chronic Pain Management Among Medicaid Beneficiaries Health Equity Article
Pediatric Primary Care and Oral Health Expanding Access, Medical-Dental Integration Report
Primary Care Practices are Transforming Oral Health Care Delivery Medical-Dental Integration Tool
Interdisciplinary Approaches for Improved Oral Health Expanding Access, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration White Paper
2019: Oral Health Promotion and Dental Care Access for Children Through School-Based Services Expanding Access, Health Equity Presentation
Dental Utilization Among Patients Living with HIV: Research Brief Expanding Access, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Report
Medical Well-Child Visits and Preventive Dental Visits Expanding Access, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Article
Broken Smiles: The Impact of Untreated Dental Caries and Missing Anterior Teeth on Employment Health Equity Article
The Patient-Centered Dental-Health Home: An Essential Guide for Planning the CHC Dental Facility Expansion Practice Management Tool
2019: Opioid Overdose Deaths and Emergency Department Visits for Dental Conditions in Maryland Health Equity Presentation
MORE Care: Narrowing the Rural Interprofessional Oral Health Care Gap Expanding Access, Health Equity, Medical-Dental Integration Report
Sample Broken Appointment Policy Practice Management Tool
Community Dental Home Coordinator CDHC Position Description Practice Management Tool
Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual Practice Management Tool
Productivity Benchmark Guide Practice Management Tool
Sample Patient Eligibility Flow Chart Practice Management Tool
Sample Payment for Dental Care Policy Practice Management Tool
Sample Clinical Care Guidelines Practice Management Tool
Sample Scripting Practice Management Tool
5 Week Designated Access Implementation Guide Practice Management Tool
Sample Scheduling Policy Practice Management Tool
Dental Program Performance Tracking Tool Practice Management Tool